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Recommended Resources for Giving Natural Health Talks

Ready to set up speaking engagements and give natural health talks but need a little help? Great, then the resources below will help you achieve your goal!



  • A great list of public speaking articles can be found at


  1. Natural grocery stores (great for food demonstrations or health talks)
  2. Libraries
  3. Health clinics and community health organizations
  4. In the park
  5. Healthy restaurants (they often have rooms you can rent out)
  6. Health fairs and events
  7. Conferences
  8. Podcasts
  9. Gyms


Include all, or as many as possible, of the points below in your email to a potential venue when you contact them about setting up a talk.

  1. Be personal (use a first name if possible and make a comment about why you like their venue)
  2. Make it short and concise (people are busy, don’t waste their time by going into too much detail in your initial email)
  3. Link to a page on your website about your talks that includes a short informational video (2 -5 minutes)
  4. Testimonials (show some social proof)
  5. If it is a venue where you can honestly recommend their products or services to your attendees, let them know you will do that
  6. Let them know if you will be doing a free talk or if you are wanting a payment
  7. Be clear on exactly what your talk will be about and the title
  8. Let them know you will do additional marketing to drive attendees (social media, website, flyers, etc.)
  9. Close with a pat on the back of the venue owners for the great work they are doing and how you look forward to collaborating with them, also include your phone number

Remember, you won’t get a yes from every venue so don’t be discouraged and keep at it!

I hope this list of resources helps you out! If you would like to learn more about how to create a lucrative practice then please click on the link in the sidebar to learn more about my Natural Health Career Academy courses.

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