Custom WordPress Website Design for Natural Health Professionals

Ready to make a website and promote your natural health services to the world but intimidated to do it yourself? Let me do it for you!

I specialize in custom WordPress website design and development and have been making sites since 2007. I’m here to build you a unique website that speaks to your target market and helps you achieve career success in the easiest way possible. I will be honest, making a website can be difficult and frustrating. I want to expedite this technical and time-consuming process for you so you can focus on your passion!

As a natural health practitioner myself, I have a particular knack for developing custom website solutions for health coaches, authors, course creators, and natural product companies. Over the last 10+ years I have found and used specific templates and plugins that will optimize your ability to make money online.

I will give you a list of excellent template options that you can choose from and then get to work making a website catered to your specific entrepreneurial goals.

Here is everything that is included with your custom WordPress website design package:

  • web hosting setup and integration through Bluehost
  • template and site navigation optimization including building the base for your main pages (about, blog, products, services, contact, disclaimer, privacy policy, and sitemap)
  • responsive design and cross browser testing to make sure your site looks great on major browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox)
  • custom website development including plugin setup, email newsletter integration, and ecommerce solutions
  • over the phone walkthroughs and tutorials on how to use your website as well as detailed documentation

The cost for this service is a flat fee of $750. It usually takes me between 20 – 25 hours to complete your site and have it ready to start making money! You could of course make your site yourself but know that for a beginner it will most likely take 80 – 100 hours to complete. By working with me I will cut your time by 75%! Those extra 60 -75 hours will be time you can use to serve your audience!

Ready to get started? Simply fill out the form below so we can make an initial connection to make sure this arrangement is a good fit.

I look forward to working with you and helping you thrive in your profession!