Natural Brain Health Protocol


By following these steps you will be able to:

~ naturally restore optimal cognitive function
~ support short and long term memory
~ balance neurotransmitters and mood
~ improve mental focus and concentration
~ boost fluid intelligence

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Natural Brain Health Protocol contains a synthesis of my 12+ years of research and experimentation with 7 validated brain boosting methods. Every cognitive enhancing practice mentioned in the book has been shown effective and safe in clinical trials with humans and has significant traditional use behind it.

The 7-Steps of the program are:

1. Light, Water, and Energy

2. Natural Nootropics

3. Enjoyable Exercise

4. Restful Sleep

5. Cleansing Strategies

6. Nature Connection Practices

7. Functional Lab Testing

Also included are 10 delicious recipes, research studies cited and summarized, and links to my favorite products and resources (none of which are affiliate links).

I have counseled over 200 clients with the techniques mentioned in this eBook to prove their validity and effectiveness. My methods are a synthesis of both traditional wisdom and modern clinical studies.

Pay What You Want

Because I want to get this information out to as many people as possible the entire eBook is free or pay what you want!

The retail value of Natural Brain Health Protocol is $8.99, however, I know that some people are not in a position to pay full price, which is why I’ve added a price adjustment option (or sliding scale).

This means that you can adjust the price to whatever amount you’re willing to pay. If you can pay $8.99+, you can do that. If you want it for free or a small amount, you can do that too! Also, if you want to dive deeper into this information I have given options to upgrade your purchase to get answers to your questions after reading the eBook.

If you do decide to monetarily support my work, know that every dollar goes straight back into creating more natural health protocols, so the more you contribute the more I will be able to create!


“The author is scary smart. The writing is clear and concise. Full of amazing healthy food suggestions, recipes, and supporting research. After initial reading, it will be a regular reference to continue learning and motivating towards improving quality of life.”

– JA

“Well written and informative, the author knows his stuff. Makes more detailed research information available via links to studies, so the book doesn’t bog down with it.
I learned a lot. Recommended.”

– TM

“Fun and well-organized, this e-book gives clear direction for holistic action steps to takes to balance mood and cognitive function. I liked that the author included recipes (like homemade coconut milk, bulletproof coffee, nerve-tonic mushroom broth, and power smoothies). And for every super-food or herb listed, the author makes it really easy to understand exactly what the health benefits are. He also has well-documented links to all the points that he makes, if you want to find out more (not that you really need to, since for a small book there’s A LOT of info). Some of the points he makes I already knew about, but he included others I haven’t thought much about–like how blue-spectrum lighting at night interferes with melatonin production, or the specific benefits of HIIT.

Basically, this little e-book has so many action steps that you can take that I feel like I’ll refer back to it many times. You can choose which steps **you** feel will be most balancing, because the author doesn’t go all preachy or guilt-trippy the way many health writers do. It’s written with a practical, compassionate voice. Good stuff!”

– CM

“I have been experimenting with the Paleo diet for preventing migraines. So I got this this little ebook from Tristan’s description without even thinking about it. This ebook is clear, concise and easy to read. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes. And the section on sleep is priceless for me. I’ll be coming back to it again and again to experiment and play with some of the options in this ebook.”

– JV