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Recommended Resources for Natural Health Authors

Got an idea for a great book on natural health that you want to share with the world? Great, then the resources below will help you achieve your goal!


My personal favorite tool is Google Drive because of three extremely important reasons:

  • Autosaves every few seconds
  • Stores your information safely online
  • Documents can be downloaded as PDF, DOCX, or EPUB (preferred format for many online retailers)


Preparing your book in the proper format can be quite a headache, so the resource below will make the process much easier for you.

  • Fiverr – Great site for finding reasonably priced professional help.


There are many options for selling your book such as direct on your website, on third-party platforms such as Amazon, or in book stores by getting a publishing deal.

For direct website sales I like to use:

  • Gumroad – Great software for payment processing with low fees and a beautiful interface. Once a customer buys your book you can give them a download link in any format that you would like. I recommend PDF.

For selling on Amazon I use the tools below to help find great keywords and categories:

  • Amazon Kindle Keyword Research – KDP Rocket – This amazing software was built by Dave Chesson, the creator of Kindlepreneur, and allows you to research both the amount of searches a keyword gets in Amazon and a competitive score showing you the difficulty level to rank on page 1 for that term. By using this tool I was able to rank on page 1 for several of my main keywords on the first day my book was live! I was able to do this because I chose keywords that didn’t have too much competition. KDP Rocket takes all the guess work out of keyword research and even shows you the top books for each keyword including their sales rank and if that keyword is listed in their title or subtitle. I highly recommend checking it out and using it to structure the title, subtitle, description, and backend keywords for your book. Also, it is a one time fee and you get the software forever! No monthly cost!
  • Amazon Kindle Category Research – KDPSPY – This is an awesome software that helps you reverse engineer the best selling categories in Amazon will a single click, showing you lucrative niche opportunities! It works as a browser extension so you don’t even need to download the software to your computer. I used this tool to find a great category for my book that had enough demand but not too much competition. In my first month I made it to the top 50 list in my main category! KDPSPY is also a small one time fee and then you get it forever! Check it out and watch as your book quickly moves up the amazon ranks!

Okay, I hope those resources help you out! If you would like to learn more about how to create and market natural health books then please click on the link in the sidebar to see my Natural Health Career Academy online courses.

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