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Recommended Resources for Natural Health Bloggers

Ready to make a great website as a natural health blogger? Great, then the resources below will help you achieve your goal!


  • WordPress – I have used WordPress for my websites and clients since 2007. Overall it has been a great platform and the backend dashboard is very intuitive to use. Most importantly it is free to download! Also, there are so many great sites that have beautiful WordPress themes such as Theme Forest. I personally use the Karma WordPress Theme and love it! Feel free to use it if you like it! Once you get a theme you can then fine tune your site with third party plugins (some free, some paid). Just be careful to use plugins that have a high rating and which are updated regularly. Great themes like Karma come with so many features that you don’t need many plugins.
  • Squarespace – Another great option for creating a website. This software costs $16 – $26 a month but comes with a free theme and custom domain, SSL security (increases site security), integrated ecommerce capabilities, and allows you to accept payments with Stripe, PayPal, and Apple Pay. I haven’t personally used this platform but know many friends that have and they speak very highly of it. They use an easy to use drag and drop website builder so if you are a beginner this could be a great option for you.


  • Bluehost – I have used Bluehost for many years now and have really enjoy it. Their customer service is top notch, have helped me many times to trouble shoot issues, and they are very reasonably priced. They also include easy integration with WordPress, custom emails, advertising discounts, and site statistic tracking. If you decide to use Squarespace then it comes with integrated hosting.


Below are two approaches you can take to quickly make an effective logo:

  • Make your own logo using a free online tool. I like Free Logo Design. Often these tools are sufficient to make a basic but appealing logo. If you need something more in-depth then use method 2.
  • Commission a logo through Fiverr. That link will direct you to a list of logo design options. Scroll through and choose a gig that is in your price range and provided by someone with high reviews. Prices typically range from $25-$50.


Search engine optimization, as the name suggests, is the process of optimizing your website pages for higher rankings for each page. This is a very in-depth process but three great initial tools to help you get started are:

  • Keywords Everywhere extension for Chrome or Firefox (free). Gives search volume data for potential keywords.
  • Soovle (free) tool to research long-tail keywords. Once you have the Keywords Everywhere extension you will also see search volume for each keyword.
  • Long Tail Pro (7 day free trial then $47 a month) keyword research tool. Make a list of phrases with at least 50 views a month and that have a low competition score (ideally below 30).

I hope this list of resources helps you out! If you would like to learn more about how to create a professional and search engine optimized website then please click on the link in the sidebar to learn more about my Natural Health Career Academy online courses.

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