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Starting a Health Coaching Business eCourse

Working directly with clients and seeing first hand the transformation that can occur is a powerful and extremely rewarding experience. By doing this meaningful work you are sincerely helping people to feel and perform their best.

Since 2007 I have worked with and served over 250 clients. I deeply enjoy my practice, but it wasn’t always easy to gain new clients and dial in the technical aspects of starting a health coaching business. Over the years I have learned a variety of skills that have helped me to make a sustainable business and my eCourse will share all of those insights with you in an easy to follow program!

The eCourse, called Developing and Marketing Natural Health Coaching, will help you:

  • brainstorm how to best serve a specific target market
  • make your needed forms
  • choose a pricing structure
  • understand taxation
  • create a high converting sales page
  • learn new practitioner skills
  • market your services


If you have been trained in natural therapies, such as nutrition, herbs, essential oils, bodywork, fitness, energy work, or holistic lifestyle practices then this is definitely the right course for you!

In it you will get a step-by-step system to take your knowledge and share it in a way that brings in a steady stream of income.


To learn more about the eCourse and to sign up please visit:

You can either choose to enroll in the single course only or as a subscription package which gives you access to ALL of the other courses in my Natural Health Career Academy.

Once inside you will have instant access to the course and can begin the process of starting a health coaching business that is financially lucrative and extremely rewarding!

See you on the other side!


Tristan Summerfield, MA